Push Payment Scams

  • Have you lost money to a job or investment fraud online?
  • Did you respond to a private message or social media advert?

The various forms of social media have changed the landscape of how fraud is often committed. People should be cautious of adverts that claim a well-known celebrity made thousands of pounds whilst doing “this.” Another fraud often revolves around sending out random messages to members of Facebook groups, with the sender implying they can help you make money or recover money you may have already lost.

In many instances the celebrities whose identities have been used have not provided their authority and are unaware that their pictures have been used by the fraudsters. This fraud often involves transferring money from a bank account to a crypto wallet and then into the wallet of the fraudsters.

The victim will often believe their money is being invested on their behalf via Metatrader or other platforms. Some of these platforms are often operated by the fraudsters. Investors find withdrawing money is impossible with requests to do so often resulting in further monies being requested for “capital gains tax”, “escrow fees”, or whatever fees the fraudsters suggest.

We have seen many job adverts offered where the “recruiter” implies that the job is hours to suit, work from home, and no experience is necessary. If the “recruiter” indicates that the job involves reviewing products or music, then it is likely to be a fraud. Be cautious too of websites that reference names of businesses that you can easily associate with but have been created by adding extra words such as “Sainsbury & Partners”.

When you transfer money from your bank account for a transaction that is unusual, based on the way that you would typically operate your bank account, the bank has a duty to ensure that you are aware of the risks. This is important, especially if the sums of money are higher than you would ordinarily transfer on a day to day basis, and the recipient is a crypto exchange platform. If you have transferred more than £5,000 to a crypto exchange for an alleged investment, or job opportunity then please contact us today.

  • How can we help you recover your money?

To assist you we will need copies of your bank statements for the months before, during and after the alleged fraud took place as this will enable us to identify the way in which you typically operated your bank account.

We will also need to know what warnings you received from the bank when you attempted to make the payments to the crypto platform including copies of all emails, Telegram or WhatsApp conversations that took place between you and the fraudsters.

Finally, we will need copies, where possible of any advertisements that may have enticed you to contact the fraudsters, along with details of any websites that they may have directed you to.

You can pursue a claim for a refund yourselves, however, as we are dealing with a large volume of these type of cases, many with similar fact evidence, we can pursue a claim on your behalf under a “no win no fee” agreement.

If you would like to discuss your case, please call one of our friendly knowledgeable claim’s advisors. If you are ready to start your claim today, please send copies of your documents to info@resolvedclaims.co.uk or upload your documents to us via our website.


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